When the wind is free of blowing leaves
And summer sets in my mind of ease’
I seek a haven from the bleak,
Of mind and sight, thought and reason.

Too often is my haven found
Within myself and firmly bound.
With thoughts and memories of other places
Other times not yet dissipated

Were I to venture from this place
Of refuge, a garden laid awaste,
What baubles and knickknacks might be found
On ships like I who’ve run aground

So yet no more will I partake
Of mindless rambling and yet will ache,
A place among those multitudes
Who strip my mind and seal my tomb

For though they have their myriad woes
Of base obedience to them one owes,
A thought to kindle a flame anew.
A flash of heaven and so renew ... a warmth between those called me & you.

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