By: Donald Kern, MFT

Copyright: 2007, First Edition

Format: Softcover

Pages: 261

Chapters: 14

Book Description

They were out to get me. I had made one mistake and they were going to make sure I made no more.
The girl had lost her sight in one eye when I misjudged the depth of the beam. The religious energy I was
using was available to me only through the consent of the ethnic group I had organized. If something
went wrong, I was the one held accountable - honorary physician and psychologist licensed to use soul
energy. Communicating telepathically, I was using the energy for medicine and positive evolution.

                                                                                    -- From one of my psychotic episodes, Donald Kern, MFT

In 1974, Donald Kern had his first manic episode. It started out dramatically. Riveted to his bed, he proceeded
to talk with God. God told him he had been chosen to be a sentry while the earth was being moved to another
location in the universe. So began a psychotic odyssey which was to go on intermittently for the next twelve

Today he is free of manic episodes. Nonstop on medication for 24 years (without an episode), he has rebuilt
his life. He has learned much about bipolar disorder (formerly called manic-depressive psychosis) and has
actually become a psychotherapist in real life (rather than in delusion), treating others with this illness. He has
the advantage of understanding his patients well because he’s been there. The fact that he’s come back gives
him hope.

When he began treatment in the 1970’s, little was known about chemical imbalance. Into this arena strode the
first generation of psychiatric drugs. The idea that brain biochemistry could be influenced by medication was
a revelation which would create a revolution. It continues to this day. If he had to have bipolar disorder, it has
been his good fortune to have had it in the era in which he lives.

Mind Gone Awry is his story. More than that, it is a teaching tool because he not only described in detail what
bipolar disorder looks like from the inside, but he also describes the steps he took (in addition to going on
medication) to help him work his way out of madness and back to being a functioning, productive member of
society. The same steps, tools and tricks of the trade that helped him can help others.

Mind Gone Awry goes from describing the first signs of Donald Kern’s bipolar disorder, to discussing his
resistance to facing what was happening to him, to ultimately accepting that he had a “mental illness,” to finally
seeking and accepting help. The book underscores the case for psychiatric intervention and medication, as
well as psychological support.

2.2 million men and women in the United States have bipolar disorder. There is a whole network of individuals,
concerned family members, organizations, and professionals who are in the midst of learning more about
bipolar disorder. “Mind Gone Awry,” gives hope while education leads to greater functioning and acceptance.

Book Details

Publisher: Donald Kern/Isaac Nathan Publishing

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0-914615-37-8

ISBN-13: 978-0-914615-37-8

Chapter Titles

Chapter 1: Mind Gone Awry

Chapter 2: The Psychotic Single

Chapter 3: Eating Crow

Chapter 4: Happiness and Haste

Chapter 5: Holyland

Chapter 6: Kindling

Chapter 7: Psychiatrist in the Warehouse

Chapter 8: Getta Job

Chapter 9: In

Chapter 10: Out

Chapter 11: Playing Catchup

Chapter 12: Second Chances

Chapter 13: Depression Times Three

Chapter 14: On Being a Therapist

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